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Chicago State University Athletic Mission Statement

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics considers athletics to be an integral part of the university community and thus follows and honors Chicago State University's overall institutional mission. As such, Intercollegiate Athletics must strive for greatness in teaching, research and services. This commitment to excellence in athletics compels Intercollegiate Athletics to provide exemplary leadership, successfully competitive in their sport, and is committed to providing appropriate facilities and support services that will allow its student-athletes to compete at the highest level of intercollegiate competition and reach their educational and academic objectives. The successful completion of our mission culminates with the graduation of student-athletes while producing winning programs at attain regional and national recognition.

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics believes and is committed to the following: The student-athlete's participation in Intercollegiate Athletics Program will provide an engaging learning experience that will augment his/her formal education. Cultivating and mastering the art of competition and a willing experience will lead to the development of a more well-rounded and enlightened individual. The department's recruitment initiative is to focus on outstanding athletes with strong academic accomplishment from the Chicagoland and Illinois areas. the student-athlete is a representative of the general student-body, with like academic qualifications and the same probabillity of success. It is important that the student-athlete excel academically, graduate and believe that participating in intercollegiate athletics was a positive aspect of their overall collegiate experience.

Integrity is indispensable to an intercollegiate athletics program, for without it sport loses its true meaning. The department believes that administrators, coaches, and student-athletes, in concert with all members of the university community, must share a total commitment to abiding by the rules of the NCAA, the conference, and the institution, in their endeavor to be successful.