Explaining The Re-Certification Process

Welcome to the homepage for Chicago State University's [CSU] Self-Study Process toward Re-Certification by the National Collegiate Athletic Association [NCAA] in 2012.

This site is designed to provide transparency and access to the process in which CSU is currently engaged to re-certify our Division I status in NCAA. Division I membership requires, among other responsibilities, that every ten [10] years its institutional members engage representatives from all stakeholder groups into a steering and subcommittee format that is designed by the NCAA. The Steering and Subcommittees are charged with:

  • The review of the University's Self-Study Report submitted during the previous certification cycle to ensure that any conditions imposed by the NCAA and/or items identified as action items to be addressed by the University have been addressed; and
  • The investigation of and reporting on specific NCAA Operating Principles, areas of focus if you will, and the extent to which the University at-large and the Department of Athletics in particular – implement them with regard to student-athletes and the facilitation of a healthy and supportive campus culture.

The areas of focus and the subcommittee names are the same, namely: Academic Integrity, Diversity, Gender Issues, Governance & Commitment to Rules Compliance and Student-Athlete Well-Being. The steering committee, composed of subcommittee chairpersons and representatives of other stakeholder groups, is charged with the review of the subcommittee reports and the extent to which the University has met its plans for improvement from the last self-study, current self-study questions and future plans, with regard to each of the aforementioned operating principles/areas of subcommittee focus. Upon completion, CSU and its Department of Athletics will have conducted a thorough review of the aforementioned focus areas and the extent to which the University is integrated to undergird and maximize services that support and serve students. Subcommittees meet weekly, at minimum, the Steering Committee meets twice each month until subcommittee drafts are due at which time they also meet weekly. The Self-Study Report is due to the NCAA in April 2011. Preparation for the Peer Review Site Team Visit will occur between May and September, 2012. The University has proposed three possible five-day options to NCAA for the actual Peer Review Team Site Visit in September and October, 2012 and they will select one of those options. The Peer Review Team Site Visitors will tour campus and randomly meet with campus stakeholders, including but not limited to students, student-athletes, faculty, staff and administrators. In February 2012 the NCAA Committee on Athletic Certification will convene to determine CSU's certification status.

We encourage you to visit this site frequently and review its contents. There is a plethora of information for you to explore, read and learn – from our calendar delineating the benchmarks and deadlines for our activities to the individuals whose diligence and commitment to university success define their leadership of and service on committees and beyond.  Join us at our meetings and drop by our NCAA 2012 Central Office in Cook Administration Building 321.

Thank you for visiting us and don't be a stranger!