Chicago State University


Restoring Community: Healing, Hard Work, and Hope. Symposium on community building, and university-community partnership (pdf)

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 8:30am - 4:30pm

Keynote Speaker, Conference Plenary, Workshops and Luncheon

New Academic Library, 9501 S. King Drive, Chicago, IL. 60628

Registration is now being accepted for the spring, 2014 symposium: Restoring Community: Healing, Hard Work, and Hope. Chicago State University has been proud to host the Institute for Youth and Community Engagement (IYCE) and the Institute for Urban Solutions (US). IYCE has engaged community through the Contiguous Community Empowerment Project and the Truth N Trauma Project.   IYCE is proud to help introduce the Institute for Urban Solutions.  US will serve as the umbrella institute for IYCE, and will work to develop a city-wide community engagement strategy for CSU.  As our most pressing issues continue to be violence and community development, IYCE and US are partnering to promote innovative methods to support communities in healing from trauma as well as thriving beyond social problems.  US hopes to work with communities to engage in solutions as opposed to only problem defining. 

Our spring symposium will bring together practitioners from many disciplines that work with communities in order to share innovations and applications that promote resilience. The conference plans to focus on healing through restorative and innovative community based practices, social actions, and evidence based interventions, with a special emphasis on social innovations and on spirituality and community building. 

Areas of particular interest include: the inclusion of community members in restoring community in urban neighborhoods, and engaging youth and families in these interventions and programs.

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