Chicago State University

About Us

Mission Statement

IYCE’s mission is to increase the capacity of Chicago State University and its neighboring youth, families and communities to document, reveal and enhance community, social and economic well-being.

Core Values

  • Restoration
  • Empowerment
  • Service
  • Justice
  • Scholarship
  • Activism
  • Partnership
  • Critical Youth Development

Utilizing restorative practices, we engage in processes that assist the larger community in promoting equity, justice and sustainability, enhancing its own resilience and finding opportunities for community voice, growth and development.

Through empowering Chicago State University students, faculty and staff, we seek to serve as a connection between the academic life of the university and well-being of the community that surrounds the university.

Through service, scholarly research, and activism, we seek to develop innovative projects and programs that support solving community problems and enhancing community life.

Via partnering and gathering pertinent information with communities, we hope to generate accessible and timely results that can inform policy and community change.

As well, we commit to developing and maintaining a space in Chicago to document, evaluate and sustain best practices associated with critical youth development within the urban context.