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Welcome to the Institute for Youth and Community Engagement

Consistent with CSU’s mission statement, the Institute for Youth and Community Engagement (IYCE) seeks to demonstrate this through community problem solving, planning and shared action.As CSU is committed to “teaching, research, service and community development including social justice, leadership and entrepreneurship1, IYCE has worked to develop programming that incorporates the strengths of CSU students, faculty and staff.

As CSU seeks in its vision to empower students and community to transform lives globally and locally, IYCE is committed to building on existing strengths and working to address challenges at the local level surrounding CSU (Greater Roseland, Vernon Park, Burnside, Chesterfield, Chatham, etc.), while incorporating global strategies.

CSU’s efforts via IYCE have capitalized on a growing trend among colleges and universities to enhance the civic life of its students, faculty and staff, and promote service, scholarship and social justice that promote the well-being of community. Several CSU constituents work in communities in the Chicagoland area, and IYCE seeks to localize this work in the area contiguous to the university. This effort to localize our work will result in a positive impact for the community and beyond.

1See Chicago State University mission statement.

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