Forms & Surveys 

IER makes use of surveys and forms to measure and assess CSU students, faculty, and administration. In particular, these surveys and forms capture data that is required for state and federal reporting related to the primary functions of the University as it relates to teaching, research and service. Further, these forms also provide additional information on matriculation, retention, graduation and employment experiences.

Post Baccalaureate One-Year, Five-Years, and Nine-Years Out Surveys

The post baccalaureate survey provides demographic data, academic data, and general information on graduate outcomes related to employment, degree advancement and academic life at Chicago State University (CSU) one-year, five-years and nine-years out from graduation from CSU. A mandated survey of the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) for all public universities, this survey is tailored to each respective public institution for gathering additional information from recent graduates regarding their thoughts about their academic experiences and current/future employment opportunities. These surveys provide additional information in regards to the overall satisfaction with CSU and their current employment status.

Faculty/Staff Activity Analysis (FAA) Survey (Form)

Information collected in the FAA assists CSU in accurately responding to the data request of the Illinois Board of Higher Education for its annual Cost Study Report. This report looks at the productivity of faculty, cost of programs and disciplines in terms of teaching, research, and service, and is used to allocate funding and resources to state universities. The information collected in these surveys provides important measurements for the university. Data is collected for each academic term (Fall, Spring, and Summer) within an academic year.