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Welcome to CSU Distance Education Committee (DEC)


The Distance Education Committee will assess, recommend, develop, and evaluate activities related to the growth and promotion of distance education at the University. The Committee will also assess the variety, quality, and depth of course offerings, the operation and functions of the Office of Online Instruction, and the policies and procedures of the University referencing distance education.

Online Education Mission Statement

The Mission of Online Education at Chicago State University is to provide access to persons desiring to acquire post-secondary and graduate knowledge independent of place and location and to earn credentials valuable to academic institutions and employers. To achieve this goal Chicago State University endeavors to offer quality course development and support services for faculty and students involved in distance learning; to coordinate the development and delivery of asynchronous and/or synchronous online education degree programs and courses; and to ensure the quality of distance learning through rigorous efforts and continuous improvement.

Dr. Karel A. Jacobs, DEC Chair Room: SCI 266Telephone: 773 995 2338 Email: