The CTRE, an academic department that is committed to providing necessary resources to the CSU faculty for achieving their professional goals. The grants offered through our department exist solely for that purpose. Applicants are encouraged to review the types of grants available and submit a proposal for those that best support his/her development needs. Each grant has specific eligibility, application, and deadline requirements, so review the instructions of each one carefully. The grant proposals are competitively reviewed by a faculty advisory board committee. In addition, as a condition of acceptance of a grant award, all faculty are expected to give a presentation or workshop through the CTRE Faculty Development Program. 


CTRE Grant Application Faculty Development Forms

pdf Faculty Seed Grant 

Provides a stimulus to increase the number and amount of external grants and contract awards secured by CSU faculty. The primary purpose of the Faculty Development Seed Grant is to provide financial support for new and innovative projects, which have the potential to yield external funding. 



Faculty Development Grant

Provides financial assistance to faculty to participate in development activities that directly enhance the individual's research and/or teaching. Funds can be used to support conference attendance, equipment purchases, or other resources related to research, teaching, and assessment.

Please refer to Travel Authorization Guidelines below regarding Limits and Non-Allowed Expenses. In order to ensure that all of our travelers are in compliance when traveling out of the country they must go through the Office of Global Engagement.
[*Please note: All consumable commodity or equipment purchased with or reimbursed by CTRE funding is property of Chicago State University and may require a property tag.]


pdf Program Enrichment Grant 

Encourages the active engagement of our students outside the classroom, to increase teaching effectiveness, provide professional development, enhance and develop research productivity, and benefit student learning.

Student Engagement / Program Enrichment 


Submission Guidelines

Application Forms with signatures must be submitted electronically to Please insert 'CTRE Grant' in the subject line.. Supporting documentation -- including signed travel authorization forms (chair & dean to indicate permission to travel) and a memo to the President addressing how this travel meets a mission critical need and will significantly impact your development as a faculty member -- must be submitted by  5:00pm on the following dates:

September 10

February 10 

*CTRE Travel Authorization Guidelines

Travel documentation and travel authorization forms must be submitted with enough advance time to meet CTRE & University guidelines. The CTRE Director will transfer the funding directly to the Department Account and return the Travel Authorization to you for further processing. If the CTRE processes the Travel Authorization, then the maximum Estimated Costs (Parts A & B) listed must not exceed the published maximum totals (listed above).

Travel authorizations submitted to the CTRE for processing must meet the following travel rules:

  • Travel – ‘Non-Allowable’ Costs = Not Covered
    1. Food, Banquets, Conference Special Events / Trips, Conference Materials, Convention Center Purchases, Personal Extras, Parking Fees
    2. Local Travel – defined as within 35 miles of CSU or your home
    3. Lodging Costs greater than the IL state rate equivalent
  • Travel – Limits, if permitted
    1. Livery must start/end at a University / IHE (other than CSU), Conference Center or Airport/Train
      • Local: $25
      • Regional: $50
    2. Mileage – State rate for travel beyond local limits
  • Travel – Submission Deadlines
    1. In-State: Three weeks in advance
    2. Out-of-State: 60 business days in advance
    3. International: 75 business days in advance

 * Due to Covid-19, there are restrictions on travel. Faculty are encouraged to apply for funding to participate in virtual conferences.