Chicago State University


Faculty Technology Lounge

1The Faculty Technology Lounge (FTL) is a multi-purpose space that is available to all faculty for meetings, working, or learning new technology. The room  can be reserved ahead of time, or used on a drop-in basis, if available.

The room features a large meeting table, as well as both Mac and PC computers, and large- and medium-sized presentation screens. The computers in the FTL also feature some software programs not found elsewhere at CSU, such as ExamSoft and NVivo 9.

Rooms 301 & 302

1 Rooms 301 and 302 comprise a larger space, used primarily for workshops, large meetings, and special events. They can be used jointly as one large space, or separately, depending on the scope of a given event.

The rooms are equipped with a large presentation monitor and modular tables that can be configured to suit various needs, such as a large roundtable or smaller group tables. It is ideal for accommodating groups of 10-50 people.

Rooms 301 and 302 must be reserved ahead of time for use.

Connected Learning Center

1 The Connected Learning Center (CLC) is the most versatile, open workspace in the Library, and is the only area available to both faculty and students. Furniture in the CLC is arranged to facilitate both small group meetings as well as individual work and is equipped to accommodate the latest technology.

The CLC is available on a first come, first serve basis between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.