Travel Grant

Dr. Asmamaw Yimer

Dr. Robert Holmes

Dr. Michael Wannah

Dr. Byung-In Seo

Dr. Nadeem Fazal

Dr. Inna Dolzhenko

Dr. Patricia Steinhaus

Dr. Natalie Szabo

Dr. John Smith

Seed Grant

Dr. Nadeem Fazal

Travel Grant

Dr. Kevin Sweir

Dr. Rasha Elhage

Dr. Chi Young Oh

Dr. Natalie Szabo

Student Engagement

Dr. Natalie Szabo

Travel Grant

Dr. Erica Allen, Nursing

Dr. John Smith, Art

Dr. Fatima Hendricks, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Nadeem Fazal, Pharmacy

Dr. Natalie Szabo, Music

Dr. Byung-In Seo, Advanced Studies Education


Faculty Resource Network

Remote Scholar Program 2022

Dr. Suzuko Morikawa, Department  of Geography, Sociology, History, Af. Am St. and Anthropology

Travel Grant

Dr. Rasha Elhage, Department of Advanced Studies in Education (DASE)

Dr. Jacquelyn Benchik-Osborne, Education Studies

Dr. Natalie Szabo, Department of Music

Faculty Development Grant

  • Dr. Aynaz Lotfata, Geography, Sociology, History, Anthropology, and Af-AM Studies
  • Dr. Evelyn Delgado-Norris, English, Foreign Language and Literatures
  • Dr. Mel Sabella, Chemistry and Physics

Travel Grant

  • Dr. Lietu Jiang, Communication, Media, Art and Theater
  • Dr. Marse Nazon, Psychology
  • Dr. Rong He, Biological Sciences

Travel Grant

  • Dr. Rasha Elhage, Special Education
  • Dr. Robert Szyman, Physical Education
  • Dr. Olanipekun Laosebikan, Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Ana Baez, Foreign Language
  • Dr. Christine List, Communication, Media and Fine Arts
  • Dr. Simeon Stumme, Bilingual Education

Student Engagement/Program Enrichment

  • Dr. Michael Danquah, Pharmacy
  • Dr. Ernst Coupet Jr., Accounting
  • Dr. Trisha Shaw, Pharmacy