STEM Opportunities

Learning Assistance (LA) 

Our office works in conjunction with the CSU  LA Program to help secure STEM majors to serve as Learning Assistants (LA) to support our STEM and other students enrolled in STEM courses. 

Learning Assistants (LA) are undergraduate students who work under the guidance of course instructors to facilitate learning and discussion in the classroom to encourage student engagement. Learning Assistants also gain the following experience:

  • Pedagogy training via a special course
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Support faculty by providing additional in-class learning /technical assistance
  • Gain experience in classroom facilitation, tutoring, and technical
  • Help other students understand and apply challenging STEM concepts
  • Gain soft and technical skill in STEM learning process.

The CSU  LA Program is part of the International LA Alliance. For more information or to apply to become a CSU STEM Learning Assistant please apply here  

Research Opportunities 

The CSER office helps to facilitate/ coordinate the numerous research opportunities to promote for Chicago State STEM Experience. Students also have the opportunity to participate in departmental and international research opportunities. 

Peer Mentoring Opportunities

CSER’S Peer Mentoring Program offers support and additional resources for STEM students by utilizing peer-to peer relationships between STEM scholars to help student mentee’s throughout their personal, academic, research and professional journey. 

Peer Mentors also provide tutoring and additional research opportunities to build their technical skills and content knowledge. Selected Peer mentors are able to gain critical leadership competencies as well as improve their communicative and interpersonal skills in preparation for graduate and professional careers in STEM.  Peer Mentoring Opportunities are available during the spring/fall academic semesters. 

For more information about Peer Mentors please contact our CSER Student Coordinator, Ms. Tasia Bryson @