West Campus

New Campus Location

Chicago State University’s wind of change is blowing west! CSU is expanding, and plans to build a new campus on the westside of Chicago. For any institution, a new campus is filled with new beginnings and possibilities, but for Chicago State University, this leap forward is filled with purpose.

Currently five communities within the greater westside are being considered: Hermosa, Near Westside, Austin, Lawndale and Garfield Park.  

West Campus Programs of Interest

Chicago State University currently offers 38 bachelor degree programs and 30 graduate degree programs. A variety of program offerings are being considered for the new west campus.

Current program considerations include: 

  • Community Health
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business Management
  • Social Work (M.S)
  • Education

For more information regarding program offerings and the new campus location visit us periodically at csu.edu. This page will be updated when new information is available.

West Campus Milestones   

Coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click HERE to see the frequently asked questions. 

Funded by the State of Illinois
Supported by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus


West Campus Committee Members

CSU Representatives

CSU Trustee, Anthony Young
President, Dr. Wayne D. Watson
Interim Provost & SVP, Dr. Angela Henderson
Chief, Ronnie Watson
Interim Vice President, Lawrence Pinkelton
Interim Chief Information Officer, Prashant Shinde
Interim Dean of Students, Farah C. Muscadin, Esq.
Dean, Derrick Collins
Director, Sabrina Land
Director, Wanda Wright
Professor, Charlene Snelling
Sgt., Calvin Robins
CSU Alumnus, Christopher Muldrow
CSU Student, Malayzja Anderson

Illinois Congressional Members

Sen. Kimberly Lightford
Sen. Patricia Van Pelt
Rep. LaShawn Ford
Rep. Camille Lilly
Rep. Art Turner, Jr.

Community Members

Project Manager, Bruce Washington
Bishop Claude Porter
Karl Brinson, Community Member
Bernard Clay, Community Member
Cherita Logan, Community Member
Mildred Wiley, Community Member