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CATs Scholar Showcase

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Class of 2006 Movies:

Click Here for Swim Away (Quicktime).

Click Here for Lea's Movie (Quicktime).

Click Here for JJ's Movie (Quicktime).

Click Here for ZAK's Movie (Quicktime).


Class of 2007 pictures:

50MVC-011S 55MVC-001S
42MVC-023S 47MVC-008S
57MVC-003S 10MVC-002F
36MVC-025S 98MVC-028S
11MVC-003F 103MVC-007S
29MVC-004F 28MVC-002F
18MVC-002F 6MVC-004F

Cougar Kids Classes of 2002 to 2005:

Please click here to view the TQE Showcase page that features the original model of the Cougar Kids Workshops between the years of 2002 and 2005.