Field Practicum Fact Sheet for Students

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between foundation and advanced placements?

A: Foundation placements take place during the first year and advanced placements take place during the second year of a full-time program. For part-time students, the foundation placement occurs during the second year and advanced placements during the third year.

Foundation placements provide students the opportunity to apply the generalist model to practice as they assess and develop or enhance their beginning level practice skills with individuals, families, groups communities and organizations. Advanced placements allow students to work within their area of concentration where they are expected to take on more complex practice task, function more independently and demonstrate advanced skills e.g. multi-system assessments and multi-modal interventions or program development.

Q: Can I choose my own field placement?

A: Students may research and identify agencies/placements in which they are interested. However, students may not interview with potential field agencies without prior approval from the Director of Field.

Q: Can I do my field placement where I work?

A: Yes, however, in addition to the regular Application for Field, students must submit a Work Site application and have the field placement approved by the Director of Field. The student must indicate how the field placement will differ from their regular employment since the two cannot be the same. The field instructor must be different from the student’s regular supervisor and have two years post MSW experience.

Q: How many hours are required for field?

A. The foundation field is two semesters and totals 400 hours. The advanced field is two semesters and 550 hours, 600 hours for School Social W\ork. Placements average two days a week, begin in August (the first day of class) and end in May.

Q: I work full time. May I do my field placement during the evenings or on weekends?

A: Evening and weekend placements are occasionally possible. Most agencies have business hours that are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with limited evening and weekend hours. Because all of our classes are evening or weekend our class schedules may conflict with the evening hours that the agency is open.

Q: When do the Field Seminars meet?

A. Foundation students are assigned to a Field Seminar which meets five times per semester from 4:00 - 5:50 p.m.
Attendance is required.

Q: When are applications for field due?

A: Applications for field are due by November 1st each year. (July 1st for newly admitted full time students)

Remember: We are looking for a good learning experience for our students and cannot compromise. The more restrictions placed on the type of field placement (e.g. hours or days available, geographic location or population served), the more difficult it will be to find a field placement that meets graduate program standards. All students must be in good academic standing to enter or remain in Field.

Please direct all Field related questions to the
Director of Field Education
Nadine Harris Clark
nclark @

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