Change of Program

Add/Drop/Withdraw Course(s)

Follow instructions 1-5 for Registering on the Web.  On the Add/Drop Classes page, click on the arrow under Action next to the course you wish to drop.  (The word NONE will be next to the arrow.)  Click on Drop Web.  Do this for each course you wish to drop.  If you wish to add a class to replace the class, type in the five digit Course Reference Number (CRN) of the course you wish to add in one of the boxes at the bottom of the screen and click on Submit Changes.  Scroll down and check for error messages.  If you have selected and/or dropped courses and have no error messages, click on Complete your Registration at the bottom of the page.

Note:  You will not be allowed to drop your last class on the web.

If you have not validated your classes (received a business receipt), please call the Registrar’s Office at (773) 995-2517 to have your last class dropped.  If you have validated your classes, you must submit a drop/withdrawal form signed by all appropriate parties to the Registrar’s Office, ADM-128.

Change of Name

Students should present original documentation to the Office of the Registrar (ADM 128) when requesting a change of name. Documentation may include State ID or Drivers License AND one of the following: birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, or court authorization.

Class Schedule Bulletin

The Office of Course Scheduling publishes the class schedule bulletin three times each year.


Students who have not attended Chicago State University for longer that two years must apply for readmission. Click here to download a Readmission Application.


Click here for CSU X-Press Contact your academic advisor for web registration dates.

Please consult the Class Schedule Bulletin for additional information.
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