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Transfer Guide for Nursing
This transfer guide is intended for students who wish to complete a pre-professional curriculum at a city college in order to receive the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. The guide is also applicable to students who complete the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Nursing, although such students should keep in mind that they will be required to complete general education requirements at CSU. The guide shows the courses which should be selected from general education offerings to meet program requirements at Chicago State University, and is consistent with recommendations from the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI).

This guide also recommends other transferable courses which can be used to meet program requirements. All courses must be passed with a grade of C or better to be accepted as transfer credit in the College of Health Sciences. Admissions into the Nursing program at Chicago State University occurs in January of each year.  Applications for the Nursing program (separate from the University's application) are due to the College of Health Sciences by October 1 of each year. All transfer students must successfully complete Chicago State University qualifying examinations for English Composition, Reading, and Math no later than the summer before their admission to the Nursing program. Additionally, applicants to the Nursing program must complete a bridge course during the Fall semester before admission to the Nursing program.  It is a mandatory criterion for graduation.

Effective fall 2008, students who have completed their associates degrees will be considered to have completed their general education requirments.  The Nursing Program, however, may require  further general education courses for students who wish to be admitted into the Nursing Program.

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College of Lake County CourseHrs.University Equivalent CourseHrs.
English 1213English 1270/127 - Composition I3
English 1223English 1280/128 - Composition II3
Six hours in a two-semester sequence in a single foreign language.

Foreign Language
College of Lake County CourseHrs.University Equivalent CourseHrs.
Single foreign language
6Two-semester sequence, single foreign6

College of Lake County CourseHrs.University Equivalent CourseHrs.
Math elective3Any college-level math course3

College of Lake County CourseHrs.University Equivalent CourseHrs.
Fine Arts3Select any college level fine arts course.3
Phil 1223Philosophy 1020/204 – Logic—fulfills critical thinking requirement3

Natural Sciences
College of Lake County CourseHrs.University Equivalent CourseHrs.
Biology 1614Biology 1080/108 - Biology Science Survey II3
No Eqiv.


Physiology 2040/ 204 - Human Physiology 
Zoology 2050/250 - Human Functional Anatomy Laboratory
Biology 2464Biology 2059/259 - Introduction Microbiology3
Note: A required genetics course at CSU will be waived if the student completes the entire biology sequence at the community college.
No Equiv. Chemistry 1050/105 - Survey of General and Organic Chemistry5

Social Sciences
College of Lake County CourseHrs.University Equivalent CourseHrs.
Psychology 1213Psychology 1100/141 - Introduction To Psychology3
No Eqiv.3Psychology 2000/ 217 - Life Span Development.3
Sociology 1213Sociology 1010/101 - Introduction To Sociology3

Other transferable Courses and Information
Transfer students who complete an accredited A.A.S. program in Nursing and become an RN may receive up to 30 hours of nursing credit according to the Illinois Articulation agreement. Credits will be held in escrow until the RN student has successfully completed Nursing 3400/361-Transition to Professional Nursing.

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