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Transfer Guide for
Early Childhood Education
This transfer guide shows the courses which should be selected from general education offerings to meet program requirements at Chicago State University. Effective for all students entering Chicago State University in fall 2002 and after, 6 hours of a single foreign language are required for graduation. These six hours may be fulfilled by taking and passing a test in the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

All courses in general education must be passed with a grade of C or better to be accepted as transfer credit in the College of Education. All transfer students must complete Chicago State University diagnostic examinations for English composition, reading, and math unless they can demonstrate having passed the Illinois Certification Test of Basic Skills. Study guides for the composition exam can be found by clicking here, and sample questions for the reading and math exams can be found by clicking here.

Effective fall 2007, students are required to satisfy a 3 hour diversity and a 3 hour critical thinking requirement in the general education curriculum. Effective fall 2008, students who have completed an associates degree will be considered to have completed all university general education requirements, including the foreign language requirement.  Individual programs may, however, require specific courses for program completion.

College of Lake County CourseHrs.University Equivalent CourseHrs.
English 1213English 1270/127 - Composition I3
English 1223English 1280/128 - Composition II3
Six hours in a two-semester sequence in a single foreign language.

College of Lake County CourseSem. Hrs.University Equivalent CourseSem.
Math 121*3Mathematics 1010/140* - Concepts of Mathematics I3
Math 221*3Mathematics 1020/141* - Concepts of Mathematics II3

College of Lake County CourseSem. Hrs.University Equivalent CourseSem.
Art 1213Art 1100/101 - Intro to the Visual Arts3
Music 1243Music 1134/134 - History & Appreciation of Music3
Humanities elective.3Select humanities course.3

Natural Sciences
College of Lake County CourseSem. Hrs.University Equivalent CourseSem.
PHY 1204Physical Sciences 1100/110 - Practical Physics I/Lab3
AST 121
BIO 121
4Physical Science 1114/114 - Practical Earth & Space Science
Biology 1080/108 - Biological Science Survey II/Lab
Any Life Science Course with Lab Biology 1510/151 - Concepts of Biology3

Social Sciences
College of Lake County CourseSem. Hrs.University Equivalent CourseSem.
History 2223History 1310/131 - United States History Since 18773
Political Science 1213Political Science 1010/101 - American National Government3
Psychology 1213Psychology 1100/141 - Introduction To Psychology3
Psychology 2223Psychology 2040/204 - Psychology Of Childhood & Adolescence3

Professional Courses
College of Lake County CourseSem. Hrs.University Equivalent CourseSem.
ECE 2213ECH 4002/301 - History and Philosophy of Early Childhood Education**3
* Fulfills both math and critical thinking requirement.
** ECH 4001/302 and 4002/301 at Chicago State each include 15 hours of field work. Academic credit for College of Lake County's  ECE 221 will be accepted toward the degree, although students will need to make up missing field hours.

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