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Where do Chicago State University students attend law school?

Our webpage shows (to the best of our knowledge) where CSU students were accepted, where they enrolled, and their undergraduate major, 1986-1999. 
Where do Chicago State students attend law school?

What are the top schools?

There is no formal ranking of law schools by the American Bar Association or the National Association Pre-Law Advisors. They point out that any accredited law school can grant a law degree, so you should attend one that fits your personality, test scores, and pocketbook. However, it is inescapable that there are differences between the schools in terms of number and quality of professors, size of the classes, number of volumes in the library, and special programs. In addition, there are the intangibles, such as prestige, competitiveness, safety, and comfort level.  Among the most prestigious law schools are Yale, Harvard, U of Chicago, Northwestern, Stanford, and Columbia. These are generally the most competitive and most difficult to get into. If you must look at rankings, there is a copy of the most recent copy of the U.S. News and World Report Law School Rankings on reserve under the heading "Prelaw" in the library as well as the Princeton Review's Guide to Law Schools. But don't count only on the rankings--talk to the admissions officers and students. Visit the school if possible. Make an informed choice.

What majors are best for law school?

What majors from CSU have been accepted recently?

Since 1990, CSU graduates with the following majors have enrolled in law school.  The number of students from each major is listed next to the major.  Please note:  These are only students who received their undergraduate degree at Chicago State who agreed to have their application data sent to the university's prelaw advisor.  Last updated 6/15/2000

Business Administration1Math2
Business Education2Music1
Business Management2Political Science9
Computer Science1Social Science1
Criminal Justice4Special Education1

Are there any law schools in the area where I can go part-time?

There are four law schools in Chicago that have part-time programs:

Chicago-Kent School of Law

DePaul School of Law

John Marshall Law School

Loyola-Chicago School of Law

Part-time programs generally take an extra year, so you should complete your law degree in four rather than three years.

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