Parking Services & Parking Rules

Parking Services

The CSU Parking Department's goal is to serve and provide parking services for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Department also provides motorist assistance on campus such as opening your vehicles when keys are left inside, providing battery jumps, and inflating tires at no charge. They will not, however, perform routine maintenance or repair work. Customers will be required to sign a waiver of liability prior to receiving assistance.

Parking Office Location & Hours of Operation

The CSU Parking Department Office is located in Room 107G of the Physical Plant Building. Our administrative hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and on Thursdays until 7:00pm.

Contact Parking Department

Parking Services: On Campus dial extension 2141
Parking Services: Off Campus dial (773) 995-2141

  • In Case of Emergency (24 hours): On Campus dial extension 2111 - Off Campus dial (773) 995-2111
  • For snow removal and de-icing campus lots and drives; clearing sidewalks, quad areas and other pedestrian areas: On Campus dial extension 2140 - Off campus (773) 995-2140 - Facilities Department
  • Any other questions please email us at:

Visitors and Vendors

Please note that there is a $5.00 daily parking rate applicable to all visitors and vendors on campus. Daily parking hangtags, annual or semester decals are permitted on all parking stalls EXCEPT in handicap, reserve and no parking zones.

Guest Parking

All guests must pay the daily parking fee. Individuals, departments or sponsoring groups may arrange to pay or be invoiced for parking. Please download the event/guest form and forward back to Parking for processing. Please note that guests are subject to parking regulations and it is the responsibility of the sponsor to make parking regulations known to them.

Faculty, Staff and Student Parking Decals

To park on campus all faculties, staff (part-time, temporary and full-time) and students must purchase an annual or semester decal or pay the daily fee. Parking decals are issued for a semester or an academic year expiring every August 31st of the calendar year. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check the parking decal expiration date. Parking decals can be purchased through the Cashiers’ Office, Room 211 in the Cook Administration Building. Decals and their renewal are the responsibility of the vehicle operator. No refunds are available when you forget your decal. If you do not purchase a parking decal please note you are required to pay the $5.00 daily parking hang tag upon entrance. However, you may contact the parking department for a temporary hang tag if your car is in for repairs. If you purchase a new vehicle please remove the decal off the window and return it to the parking department for a replacement free of charge.

Reserved Parking

For a special fee, individuals requesting reserved parking should contact the Parking Department for availability. Please pay special attention to signage indicating Reserve Parking, violators who park in reserve spaces are subject to a $100.00 ticket and/or tow, plus a $25.00 non-refundable boot removal fee.

  • New Academic Library NLB (behind Library building on 95th & St. Lawrence)
  • Lot A-1 (east section, near Robinson University Center);
  • Lot A-4 (near the Student Union Building); Lot A-5 (near Residence Hall and Student Union Building)
  • Lot B-2 (near the Education Building);
  • Lot B-8 (near the Athletics Building); and the Residence Hall dock area.

The Parking Department reserves the right to make changes in campus parking assignments, whether temporary or permanent, as required for the benefit of the university.

Residence Hall Parking for Students

Residence Hall occupants have the option of purchasing a Reserved Parking Permit (for a designated space, based on availability) with their decal for $310.00 per year. A parking decal without a reserved space is $150.00 per year. Both permits are good from September 1st through August 31st. Otherwise, residence must pay the daily rate of $5.00 per day. For the protection and security of all residents, the Parking Department must be notified when you move in or out of the Residence Hall. Provide the vehicle make, model and license plate number, and the time of the move, so that this information can be forwarded to the Parking Patrol and the University Police. Citations will be written on vehicles parked at the Student Union Building dock area. The Parking Patrol begins writing citations at 7:00 a.m.
Failure to adhere to all parking rules can result in a citation, a $100.00 fine and/or a tow, and a $25.00 non-refundable boot removal fee.

Handicap Parking

  • Vehicles properly displaying a placard or disability license plate may park in areas specifically reserved for persons with disabilities (SEE CAMPUS PARKING MAP). The placard must be displayed in clear view hanging from the rearview mirror or placed on the dashboard.
  • The authorized holder of a placard or disability license plate must be present when parking in a handicap space. It is illegal to use a placard or disability license plate without the authorization holder being present. The authorized holder must exit or enter the vehicle while it is parked in the designated parking area. Violators will be ticketed and booted.
  • The university police will confiscate any placard if they believe it is being used illegally.
  • Parking is not allowed in an access aisle. An access aisle is the vertical lines adjacent to the parking space for person s with disabilities. The Police will ticket any vehicle parked in the access aisle whether it is displaying a placard or disability license plate or not.

Lost, Stolen, Unused or Stolen Decals

Responsibility of lost, misplaced, unused or stolen decals rests solely with the purchaser.

Evening Students

The Parking Office is open on Thursdays until 7:00 p.m. You can also contact the Parking Department at if you are unable to reach the Department after business hours.

Unpaid Obligations

No parking decals will be issued to any individual who has unpaid parking fines. All unpaid fines and purchases will be automatically sent to an outside collection agency.

Refund Policy

Responsibility for lost, misplaced, stolen or unused permits rests solely with the purchaser. Exceptions: Refunds are only available to individuals submitting PROOF for the following:

  1. University withdrawal,
  2. Classes canceled,
  3. Serious illness,
  4. Or no car,

*Per approval awarded refunds will be pro-rated - No refund will be issued if the Decal is not returned. No refunds will be made for decal revoked due to fraudulent application or if there are unpaid parking obligations.

Refund Rates - Full Year Purchase

  • Withdrawals within 10 calendar days after classes begin receive 100%.
  • Withdrawals after 10 calendar days, but fewer than 15 calendar days receive 50%.
  • Withdrawal 15 or more days after classes begin are not eligible for refunds.
  • Refund Rates - Semester Purchase
  • Withdrawals within 5 calendar days after classes begin receive 100%.
  • Withdrawals after 5 calendar days, but fewer than 10 calendar days receive 50%.
  • Withdrawal 10 or more days after classes begin are not eligible for refunds.

All refunds will be mailed to the requestor’s place of residence. No credit will be applied to tuition payments or future parking fees.


Any individual who purchases, uses or displays a university decal in violation of university parking regulations may have the decal revoked. Fraudulent applications include, but are not restricted to:

  • Signing an application for a decal in another person’s name,
  • Obtaining decals to be used by an individual NOT authorized to hold a decal.


Failure to enforce a regulation in one or more instances is not grounds to waive future enforcement of such regulations. Parking rules and regulations are in effect twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Vehicle Booted

Vehicles can be booted on campus for the following:

  • Parked in a reserved parking space.
  • Parked in a handicapped space without displaying a placard issued to the driver or another occupant of the vehicle.
  • Blocking a fire hydrant or fire lane.
  • Blocking a roadway, drive or loading dock.
  • Blocking a dumpster.
  • Blocking other vehicles.
  • Creating a real or potential safety hazard.
  • Owned or operated by an individual with outstanding delinquent parking citations.
  • Using a revoked, altered or stolen decal.
  • Parking in violation of posted signs.
  • Boots are only released when a non-refundable $25.00 fine is paid.

Parking Rules

  • Always properly display a decal, daily hangtag or permit.
  • Never park in reserve spaces unless assigned.
  • Always obey street/driving signs.
  • Never block driveway/intersection.
  • Never park outside the yellow lines.
  • Never park on grass/sidewalk.
  • Never leave vehicles unattended/running motor/without an adult supervision.
  • Never violate parking area.
  • No littering/loud music.
  • Never park/blocking a dock area.
  • Never run through a gate.
  • Never illegally remove a University boot.
  • Never illegally copy or alter decal, daily hangtag or permit.
  • Never park in a handicap zone with properly displaying placard or using a placard without the authorized holder being present.

Parking Citations

Parking citations or fines are given for the following violations:

  • $75.00 for parking without a decal, daily hangtag or permit
  • $100.00 for parking in reserve lot
  • $25.00 for improperly displaying a decal, daily hangtag or permit
  • $25.00 for violation of signs
  • $50.00 for blocking driveway/intersection
  • $25.00 for parking outside the yellow lines
  • $50.00 for parking on grass/sidewalk
  • $50.00 for vehicle left unattended/running motor/without an adult
  • $50.00 for violating no parking area
  • $50.00 for littering/loud music
  • $75.00 for parking or blocking a dock area
  • $75.00 for unauthorized access or gate running
  • $100.00 for illegally removing University boot
  • $100.00 for illegally copying or altering decal, daily hangtag or permit
  • $250.00 for parking in a handicap zone with properly displaying placard or using a placard without the authorized holder being present

Appeal Citation

  • Citations must be paid or appealed within (30) calendar days.
  • All parking citations can be appealed monthly through an independent Appeals Board Committee.

Three Ways To Appeal a Ticket:

  1. In writing - Send to: Parking Department 9501 S. King Drive Chicago, IL 60628 attention "Parking Appeals Board;"
  2. In-Person on a scheduled Appeal Board meeting date; and
  3. Via email to PARKING@CSU.EDU.

Contact the Parking Office for the FY14 Parking Appeals Board schedule at (773) 995-2141.

Unpaid violations will result in transcripts or other transferable university documents being withheld until total payment is made and/or may include collection agency fees.


Failure to pay or appeal parking fines in writing within (30) thirty days of the issue date shall automatically be considered a waiver of the right to appeal and the violator will be ruled guilty.

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles cannot remain on the university campus for more than (7) seven days. Vehicles on campus for longer periods will be booted and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

--------------------All Parking Rules are subject to change --------------------

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