Occupational Therapy Faculty and Staff

CSU OT Department Faculty 2012


Leslie Roundtree, DHS, MBA, OTR/L,
Department Chair and

Interim Dean of the College of Health Sciences
Office: Douglas Hall 132-G
Phone: (773) 995-2525
e-mail: L-roundtree@csu.edu

Elizabeth Wittbrodt, MHS, OTR/L
Office: Douglas Hall 132-H
Phone: (773) 995-2530
e-mail: ewittbro@csu.edu

Sarah Austin, PhD, OTR/L
Office: Douglas Hall 132-D
Phone: (773) 995-2453
e-mail: saustin@csu.edu

Regina Smith, DHS, OTR/L
Office: Douglas Hall 132-K

Phone (773) 995-2531
email: rsmith31@csu.edu

Elizabeth Wanka DrOT, OTR/L
Office: Douglas Hall 132-C

Phone (773) 995-2372
e-mail: ewanka@csu.edu

Academic Fieldwork Coordinator

Leslie Jackson, MEd, OTR/L FAOTA
Office: Douglas Hall 132-I

Phone (773) 995-2368
e-mail: ljacks53@csu.edu



Shirley Hopkins Johnson
Office Support Specialist
Office: Douglas Hall 132-A
Phone (773) 995-2366

Joyce Hollis
Fieldwork Specialist
Office: Douglas Hall 132-J
Phone:(773) 995-2301

QueShawn WIlliams

Program Service Aide

Office Douglas Hall 132

(773) 995-5119

Sanora Payne

Academic Advising Specialist

Office Douglas Hall 132-A

Phone: (773) 995-5122

e-mail: spayne22@csu.edu


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