Welcome to the Department of Nursing

Lisa YoungA warm welcome to you, and thank you for your interest in Chicago State University's, Department of Nursing.  We hope you find the information within our web pages important to your interest as a potential student.  Current students may find the content important as they progress through the professional sequence of the nursing program.
With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the demand for nurses has increased. Many nurses have retired or will be retiring. Some have chosen alternative professional routes. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, December 2013 report, 525,000 replacement nurses will be needed.  Add this to the current  demand for nurses, and it is estimated there will be a need for 1.05 million nurses by 2022.
Entrance into the nursing profession nationally is competitive, challenging, exciting, and rewarding. Our faculty and departmental staff are here to assist you.  We are committed to developing you professionally, and to guide you to excel academically.  We hope to assist you in achieving your personal and professional goals; and ultimately a career in nursing.
Our website includes information to assist you in applying to the nursing program and other pertinent data.  The departmental webpages contain important information regarding the admission process, progression, retention and the ultimate goal of graduation from the university.  
Again, thank you for your interest in CSU nursing, and best wishes for your continued success!   
Dr. Lisa Young, DNP, APN, FNP-BC
Interim Chairperson, Department of Nursing
Business and Health Sciences Building, Rm. 200A
Phone: (773) 995-3992
Fax: (773) 821-2438
Email: lyoung24@csu.edu