10th Annual Induction Ceremony for Delta Mu Delta - The College of Business

Delta Mu Delta student Induction ceremony

34 students inducted into the College of Business International Honor Society

Thirty-four students were inducted into the College of Business’ Kappa Omega Chapter of the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in a ceremony held on March 23rd at the Oak Lawn Hilton.

The inductees were selected by a faculty council that reviewed applications of upper classmen who  maintained a grade point average of 3.25 and demonstrated volunteerism, exemplary behavior and leadership.

This year’s inductees are Shontane Addison, Randl J. Aikens, Oury Bah, Barbara Bateman, Marlene Causey, Kyliah Pearle Marie Ceasar, Alexandria Cliff, Jakell Collins, Latasha Davis, Sonja L. Edwards, Markayal Epps, Christian G. Fernandez, Eboney L. Goines, Adrienne Gross, Danielle Marie Jackson, Felicia Jones, Sabrina Jones, Isamar Larios, Bernardo Lopez, Candy F. Mendez, Desiree Montgomery, Natalia Peralta, Cherry L. Powell, Stephanie Rodman, Felix Antione Savard, Clorethea L. Smith, Xavier Smith, Brianna C. Stewart, Tamica Thomaston, Nora Truss, Chakeya A. Ward, Rohan Wattley, Jordan Whitted, and Idris Zarif.  In addition, there was one very special honorary inductee from the College of Business Adrienne Carter.

The keynote speaker for the ceremony was Ms. Angela Myers a 2010 Alumni and member of the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society.  Ms. Meyers spoke to students about prioritizing, setting goals, staying the course and not letting anything stand in their way.

Ms. Myers also spoke about her college experiences and shared how she found passion to help, Others to use their voices to tell beautiful stories. Ms. Myers encouraged students to not let circumstances control your life but to take control of the circumstances; surround yourself with positive people and remove distractions.

The ceremony took place at the Oak Lawn Hilton where the inductees and their families enjoyed a wonderful dinner and photo session.

According to one of our inductees, Oury Bah, this was an evening she would never forget being inducted into the prestigious society and she was filled with pride.  “I feel proud because this reflects how hard I worked in school.” When asked why she sought membership, she replied, “It makes me feel good about being a part of something good.”

Delta Mu Delta is an international honor society established in 1913 to recognize students in accredited business schools for their high academic achievement in baccalaureate, masters and doctorate programs. Over its life span, Delta Mu Delta has grown its current membership to include more than 240 campuses worldwide. Delta Mu Delta has more than 160,000 members residing in 175+ countries. Through an agreement made in January 1992 between Delta Mu Delta and ACBSP, establishment of Delta Mu Delta chapters is now exclusively at colleges and universities with business programs which are accredited by ACBSP at the baccalaureate/graduate levels

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