CSU Pharmacy Professor Named in National "Top 25"

Dr. Carmita A. ColemanChicago State University's record of academic excellence provided by world-class instructors received another independent verification recently when CSU's own Dr. Carmita A. Coleman was named one of the "25 Top Pharmacy Professors" in the nation  by MedicalTechnologySchools.com.

The list was compiled by the independent organization to highlight the most cutting-edge, influential, and exceptional pharmacy professors teaching today. Dr. Coleman was recognized as one of the leaders in pharmacological research and instruction.  

The group's website had this to say about professors like Dr. Coleman: "Learning from them might not only arm you with fundamental information and prepare you to enter the workforce, but also connect you with someone who could very well put you on the road to professional excellence, and help mentor you through challenges and opportunities."

MedicalTechnologySchools.com addresses trends and dynamics in medical technology, questions about occupational futures, and provides a glimpse behind the educational curtain with interviews and curated lists of unique programs, learning opportunities, and professors educating the technologists of tomorrow.

On behalf of the entire CSU family, Congratulations to Dr. Carmita A. Coleman.
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