Chicago State University


Chicago State University receives nearly half a million dollars in endowments

$300,000 in endowments to assist the south side institution


CHICAGO—(January 12, 2013) The new year generated two endowments for Chicago State University (CSU) amounting to $300,000. The monetary donations are intended to improve educational experiences and support services for students.

"Private philanthropy fuels our forward progress in scholarship, technology and development at the university. We are humbled and grateful for the support of our donors who are touching the lives of untold thousands here on campus," said CSU president, Dr. Wayne D. Watson.

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, $100,000 will be split between scholarships and "bridge loans" for African American males majoring in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) areas. Bridge loans are given to students by the CSU Foundation to cover an interval between two transactions of academic payment. Scholarships and "bridge loans" make it possible for students to matriculate successfully through college without a financial load.

In today's environment with continuous cuts in federal and state funding for both students and public institutions, students have become more dependent upon scholarships from their university.

The spirit of giving continued to advance the university, as the Emil Jones Youth Foundation presented the university with a $200,000 endowment to go towards scholarships for students in need.

These philanthropic efforts support CSU's mission to provide access to students of diverse backgrounds and educational needs. For information on how you can support

Chicago State University visit CSU Foundation