MRS Center

As part of MRS Grant Program, the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, & Economics has established the Center for Minority Financial Literacy and Retirement Studies as a vehicle to train minority students to conduct research within minority and low-come communities as it relates to retirement security and financial literacy. The work of the Center will primarily help to shape and inform public policy that affect underserved minority communities through independent research, and policy watch, analysis, development, and advocacy.

Four distinct strategies will be followed:

  1. providing assistance with policy analysis and development;
  2. developing ethical and competent minority researchers;
  3. developing awareness and capacity among low income and minority groups; and
  4. developing public advocacy strategies.

For policymakers, the Center will be a source of confidential, objective, comprehensive and reliable information on current policy analysis and emerging issues on policy and leadership as well as technical assistance on legislative and policy analysis. The university will make an effort to reach out to partner with other centers and service organizations to actualize a high-quality plan for its research activities. During the planning phase, the requested funds will be used to establish the work of the center. Thereafter, the center will be funded with grants the center staff will help to obtain. As an interdisciplinary research platform for faculty, students and community leaders of expertise, the Center will enhance research, scholarship, and artistry for graduate students by supporting their research into critical issues and needs of urban communities, such as the Absolute Priority set by the Secretary.