Publishing/Writing Workshops

A series of workshops that will focus on enhancing the quality of the written and oral presentations of the fellows research and introducing them to the intricacies of getting work accepted by scholarly publications will be conducted.

Standing Seminar

Bimonthly throughout the academic year, the fellows will make presentations on the papers they are assigned to reading an organized format to the peers and mentors. This will reinforce the interdisciplinary character of the Project, and also help fellows to prepare for conference presentations. They will be encouraged to give talks in the various colleges and at campus-wide events.

Once per year, practitioners in the subject area of retirement security, financial literacy, and financial decision-making will be invited to speak in an organized forum. These kinds of talks will also offer a valuable opportunity for an invited audience of policymakers and community leaders to hear from important speakers about significant issues useful in policy formation.

Faculty Mentoring

Research has shown that persistence among minority students is often tied to both in-class and out-of-class experiences that involve high participation. A strong working relationship between the faculty research mentors and the graduate fellows will be encouraged. These faculty will be resources of information, interpreter of what the fellows observe and experience, and their counselors. Interactions between fellows and faculty mentors will take place on a regular, scheduled basis. Other faculty in statistics, applied mathematics, and finance will be available if their help is needed.

Course Credit

To ensure timely graduation, Fellows will be permitted to register up to six hours of graduate credit in research or special topics courses in their major.