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Chicago State University

Site Editors and Approvers

Web Sites Site Editor Site Approver Ext
NCAA Heather Scott Bernetta Bush 3519/3519
Neighborhood Assistance Center Gebeyehu Mulugeta TBD 2362
Nursing Joy Hearn/Tyra Ousley Leslie Roundtree 3996/3926/2525
Occupational Therapy Mohammed Khan Leslie Roundtree 3987/2525
Office of Labor and Legal Affairs Tanjarae Shephard Stephanie Seay Kelly 2462/3524
Office of Meetings and Events Edwards Safiya  TBD 12449
Online Instruction Theodis Garth

Rochelle Johnson
Michael Sukowski 2285/2253/2501 
Online Instruction and Instructional Technology Theodis Garth

Richard Dangra
Michael Sukowski

Rochelle Johnson

Outreach and Partnerships TBD TBD 2389
Parking Winona Scott Simone Edwards 3643/2040
Physical Facilities Planning Chardel Bush Joseph Simonetti 4424/3689
Police Valarye Williams

Eugene Heffner

Sharon Robinson
James Maddox 3679/3683

Prehealth Professions Patricia Moore Lisa Leftridge 3981/3982
Prelaw Carol Leach Thomas Brown 2445/2439
President's Office Renee Barnes Rachel Lindsey 3745/3986
Provost Satasha Green Angela Henderson 3586/2402
Psychology Tracy Bibbs Lindsay Bicknell-Hentges 12807/2210
Public Policy Scholars Program Bonnie Phillips Farah Muscadin 5105/3822
Purchasing Janet Ali Marcie Aranda 2021/3597
Records & Registration Beverly Poindexter Shawnice Avilez 2536/2342
ROTC Joe Barragon Michael Kesl 2242/2248
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