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Telephone Model Assignment Based Upon Business Criteria

Telecommunications has created guidelines for the assignment of telephone type to gain campus consistency and to contain and reduce cost, while preserving the best interest of the University. Outside of the guidelines, the User can purchase the desired phone by submitting an "internal voucher payment" form to Accounts Receivable. Funds should be transferred to IT – Network Services, account number LI317-1700 following clearance and sign-off by the department's Dean, CIO or Vice Presidents.

M2616 & M3904 – Multi-line telephone

Handsfree speakerphone/mute key, caller I.D., date/time display, message waiting LED, feature keys, hold key, release key, ability to have multiple extensions and line appearances.

Job function criteria:

  • Secretaries, administrators, or office assistants that perform call coverage (answer phone calls) for the entire unit or department.
  • Participants of an automatic call distribution (ACD) group.
  • Recipient requires programmable feature keys to support special applications or functionality.
  • Director or higher job titles with the responsibility of managing a unit/group that require multiple lines to professionally and efficiently conduct university business.
  • Department desk used to perform call coverage for the entire unit or/department in the absence of a secretary or administrative staff.

M9316 – Single Line telephone

Handsfree speakerphone/mute key, caller id, date/time display, message waiting LED, flash key for call waiting and conference calls, hold key, five (5) fixed feature keys, eight (8) manual programmable auto-dial keys, redial key, and release key.

Job function criteria:

  • Participants in an automatic call distribution (ACD) group
  • Director or above job title that participate in a high volume of external University business calls and/or conference calls.
  • User that manage a unit/group without the presence of an administrative assistance or secretary and do not require multi-lines.
  • Oversee/monitor the unit/department's telephone policies.

M8009 – Single Line telephone

Message waiting LED, redial key, link key for conference calls and call waiting, hold key, last number dialed/save key, six (6) manual programmable auto-dial keys, and release key.

Job functional criteria:

  • Tasks require User to make internal and external University business calls

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