General Requirements

Admission to any of the department’s programs requires academic good standing, an interview with the undergraduate advisor, and formal acceptance by the department.

A grade of C or above is required in all History courses counted in the History major or minor, either as transfer credit or completed at Chicago State University.

Completion of 120 semester hours of work:
42 hours in general education consisting of 6 hours in composition, 9 hours in humanities, 6 hours of a single foreign language, 9 hours in Physical and Life Sciences, 3 hours in mathematics, and 9 hours in Social Sciences (embedded course hours consisting of 3 hours in Critical Thinking, 3 hours in Diversity, 3 hours in Fine Arts, and 3 hours in Interdisciplinary coursework should also be completed); 42 hours in history; 36 hours in electives, to include a minor, selected with the approval of an advisor in the department; and passing the examination on the state and federal constitutions.

Specific Requirements

Required Courses 21 credit hours
HIST 1200/120, 1210/121, 1300/130, 1310/131, 2200/220, 2220/222, 2710/271.

Concentration Courses 12 credit hours
Select six hours in each of two fields of concentration: U.S., European, Africa, African American, and Latin American with approval of advisor.

History Elective Courses 9 credit hours
Nine hours of history electives with approval of advisor.

Elective Courses 36 credit hours
A minor sequence of 18 credit hours chosen from any one discipline in the arts and sciences, approved by the department advisor.

Free electives, consisting of 18 credit hours approved by the department advisor