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Careers for History Majors: What can you do with a degree in History?


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Due to the lack of students entering the teaching profession, shortages of qualified elementary and secondary education teachers are already appearing and will increase over the next decade.  With the renewed emphasis on the humanities and social sciences along with international studies within the high schools, job opportunities will increase.  Students may want to consider a double major with multiple teaching certifications so as to be prepared to take advantage of all employment opportunities.



History provides one of the best backgrounds for entry into law school.  The comprehensive knowledge acquired from history joins with the more technical and specific training in law to provide employment as lawyers, legal researchers, and governmental workers.



Written and film journalism along with the expanding electronic media requires editors, reporters, and writers with backgrounds in history.  A program in history and the communication arts should be considered.


Public Service

History majors are a natural for employment in various branches of local, state, and national government.  History should be combined with skills in communication and electronics.  On a global basis there will be more opportunities in the growing international civil service and organizations.  Knowledge of a foreign language will be a necessity.


Library Services

History provides an excellent foundation for advanced training in library science and administration. Besides public and university libraries, a growing number of private libraries are being developed by corporations, businesses, and cultural institutions.  Skills in research and writing acquired from history are needed not only in libraries, but also in business, government, and even the military, particularly intelligence.


Historical Preservation

With the increasing public interest in preserving our roots and past, employment will become possible as archivists, curators, historical site supervisors, guides, and directors of local, state, and national foundations and organizations that support historical preservation.


Leisure Industry

With the explosion of business and recreational travel, history majors will be able to find employment in travel agencies, as tour directors, and as administrators in hotels and restaurants that cater to an international clientele.  One should not overlook the airline and cruise industries that have entered into the foreign travel market.  Including a foreign language is a necessary in careers in the travel field.