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This website provides information for students interested in pursuing the M.A. or Ph.D. in history. It is free --you do not have to be a member to use it.

American Historical Association-Graduate Student Resources:

Graduate School from Start to Finish: Admissions & Acceptance; Course Work, Master's Degree, Preparing for Comprehensive Exams, Funding/Grant Writing, Conceptualizing a Dissertation, Conducting Research, Organizing & Writing a Dissertation, Networking, Teaching, Publishing, Mentoring.


Web discussion groups on a variety of topics.

Ex Post Facto: Graduate History Journal.

Hindsight: Graduate History Journal

History Doctoral Programs:

History Net:

History News Network: (great journal about developments in the field).

History Rankings

(matches your criteria for a doctoral program to programs with strengths in those areas)

The History Teacher (journal)

Organization of American Historians:

Retrieving the Master's Degree from the Dustbin of History: AHA Report
Teaching History at a Community College:
World History for Us All: SDSU site for teaching world history.