At Chicago State University, assessment is a university-wide activity. Faculty have complete responsibility for designing and implementing academic assessment. Faculty serve as coordinators for each major, graduate program, and each discipline represented in the General Education program. Assessment coordinators work with faculty to identify learning outcomes, develop assessment instruments and rubrics, assess the learning outcomes, analyze assessment results, and implement academic and/or assessment modifications recommended by faculty based on assessment results in order to close the assessment loop. The links below will take you to assessment plans and reports for programs and General Education courses offered by the Geography unit of the Department of Geography, Sociology, History, African American Studies, and Anthropology.

General Education Assessment:

General Education Assessment Trend Data
AY9-10 to AY11-12 (PDF)
General Education Assessment Report AY09-10 (PDF)
General Education Assessment Trend Data AY09-10 (PDF)
General Education Assessment Report AY10-11 (PDF)

Undergraduate Geography Assessment:

Undergraduate Geography Program Assessment Plan (PDF)
Undergraduate Geography Program Report AY09-10 (PDF)
Undergraduate Geography Program Trend Data AY09-10 (PDF)
Undergraduate Geography Program Report AY10-11 (PDF)
Undergraduate Geography Program Trend Data AY10-11 (PDF)
Undergraduate Geography Program Report AY11-12 (PDF)
Undergraduate Geography Program Trend Data AY11-12 (PDF)

Graduate Geography Assessment:

Geography M.A. Assessment Plan (PDF)
Geography M.A. Program Report AY09-10 (PDF)
Geography M.A. Program Trend Data AY09-10 (PDF)
Geography M.A. Program Report AY10-11 (PDF)
Geography M.A. Program Trend Data AY10-11 (PDF)
Geography M.A. Program Report AY11-12 (PDF)
Geography M.A. Program Trend Data AY11-12 (PDF)

Community Development Graduate Certificate Assessment:

Community Development Certificate Assessment Plan (PDF)

Community Development Certificate Report AY11-12 (PDF)
Community Development Certificate Trend Data AY11-12 (PDF)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Graduate Certificate Assessment:

GIS Certificate Assessment Plan (PDF)
GIS Certificate Report AY09-10 (PDF)
GIS Certificate Trend Data AY09-10 (PDF)
GIS Certificate Report AY10-11 (PDF)
GIS Certificate Trend Data AY10-11 (PDF)
GIS Certificate Report AY11-12 (PDF)
GIS Certificate Trend Data AY11-12 (PDF)

Meeting Minutes:

Geography Assessment Meeting Minutes 9-6-2012 (PDF)