University Budget Committee (UBC)

The Chicago State University Board of Trustees Governing Policies require the university to establish a university-wide budget committee composed of faculty, staff, and students selected so as to provide representation of academic and support areas consistent with a practical committee size. The budget committee participates in making recommendations with respect to:

  • The setting of program priorities in the university budget.
  • Periodic review of the university budget.
  • Transfers of significant amounts among internal budget items.

The membership of the committee is as follows:

University Group Representing Name
Faculty College of Arts and Sciences Birgen, Judith

Garcia, Edmundo (Chair)

College of Education Jor'dan, Jamilah R.
College of Business Bryant, Linnae
College of Health Sciences Price, Barbara
Library and Instructional Services Kwembe, Azungwe
Counseling Department Randle, Telisa
Faculty-at-Large vacant
College of Pharmacy

Slonek, Joseph (Vice Chair)

Union Shen, Eric
Civil Service Civil Service Council Garner-Stewart, Bobbie
Riley, Valerie
Grijalva, Charlie
Students Students Evans, Joseph
Duncan, Enrique
Chairpersons Chairpersons' Association Attele, Rohan
Academic Support Professional ASP Members Ballantyne, Sandra
Administrative Staff Academic Affairs Hawkins, Robin
Student Affairs Diaz, Fernando
Continuing Education and  Non-Traditional Programs

Maynard, Nelly (Secretary)

Institutional Advancement
Eggleston, Latrice E.
Administration and Finance Pinkelton, Lawrence A.
President's Representative Barnes, Renee
Office of Budget Office of Budget and Resource Planning Patawaran, Arrileen


Revision February 13, 2014

Budget Recommendations

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