Test Information and Resources

English Composition:

The English Composition test will require students to write an essay that addresses an issue or a problem. Two points of view on the issue must be included. The essay will assess the student’s ability to write a logical, well-organized essay of several paragraphs that demonstrate proficient English grammar. Here are additional evaluation points:

  1. Focus – demonstrates consistency and clarity in identifying and maintaining the main idea or point of view.
  2. Content – demonstrates strong development of ideas, details, and examples to support view-points of the topic.
  3. Organization – demonstrates unity and coherence achieved through logical sequence of ideas.
  4. Style – demonstrates effective chosen language to enhance the writer’s purpose.
  5. Conventions – demonstrates control over mechanics in grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation.


The reading assessment is a multiple choice with the goal of evaluating reading comprehension.


The Math assessment is a multiple choice with the goal of evaluating proficiency in basic algebra and algebra. The test consist of: solving linear equations and inequalities, graphing linear systems, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing polynomials, factoring algebraic expressions; simplifying radical expressions; solving equations involving radicals; and using the quadratic formula. 

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