CLEP Examinations Information

CLEP stands for College-Level Examination Program, and is sponsored by the College Entrance Examination Board. It is a national program of credit-by-examination that offers you the chance to obtain recognition for college-level achievement. No matter where or how you have learned-by means of formal or informal study-you can take CLEP tests. If the results are acceptable to CSU, you can receive college credit. (The 50th percentile is the acceptable score at CSU.)

CSU encourages students to take CLEP tests for credit in academic subjects where they have mastered the subject matter. People of all ages interested in pursuing a college education have reduced the cost in time and money by successfully completing CLEP tests for credit. Intensive reading in a particular field, on-the-job experience, adult courses, correspondence courses, TV or radio courses, courses on tape-any of these may have prepared you for earning college credit through CLEP tests. You may, of course, take the tests solely for your own information. If you do, your scores will be reported only to you.There are two types of CLEP tests, the General Examinations and the Subject Examinations.

General Examinations

These are objective tests that measure achievement in five basic areas of general education: English Composition, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences/History. They test subject matter usually covered in the first two years of college and are often referred to as the general education requirements. The use of silent hand held calculators is permitted in taking the General Mathematics Exam.

General Exam Equivalent CSU Course Credit Hours
English Composition
English 127,128
Eng 126/either Art 101, or Music 134 or Phil 101
Natural Sciences
BiSci 107 or 108 & either PhySci 110 or 111
Social Sciences & History 121 & either
Anthro 101 or Econ 101, Geo 101, Pol Sci 101* or Soc 101
Math 121 & 122

Subject Examinations

These are objective tests that measure achievement in specific college courses and are used to grant exemption from and credit for these courses. Most Subject Exams are 90 minute multiple-choice tests. Many offer a separate 90 minute essay section, but CSU does not require the essay section. (Students who complete the English Comp exam are still required to pass CSU’s essay exam to graduate)

The use of silent hand held calculators is permitted in taking the Introductory Accounting, Calculus with Elementary Functions, College Algebra & General Chemistry; however, hand calculators may not be used for any other CLEP tests and may not be shared between candidates.

Subject Exam Equivalent CSU Course Credit Hours Granted
American Government
Political Science 101*
American History I
History 130
American History II
History 131*
American Literature
English 216
Analysis & Interpretation of Literature
English 126
Calculus w/Elem Functions
Math 163 and/or Math 261, 262
College Algebra
Math 162
College Composition
English 127, 128**
College French
French 101, 102
College Spanish
Spanish 101, 102
Computers & Data Processing
Information Systems 136
Educational Psychology
Psychology 206
General Biology
BiSci 107, 108
General Chemistry
Chemistry 155
Introductory Psychology
Psychology 141
Introductory Sociology
Sociology 101
Principles of Accounting
Accounting 110, 111
Principles of MacroEconomics
Economics 101
Principles of MicroEconomics
Economics 102
Math 163
Western Civilization I
History 120
Western Civilization II
History 121

*No credit for State and Federal Constitution exam


**Does not fulfill the English Qualifying Requirement Candidates are free to register for any examination they wish to take. Examinations are administered on the third Thursday of each month except February and December. No more than two examinations may be taken on a single test day.

Registration Procedures

Pamphlets explaining the CLEP examination and registration forms may be obtained by clicking here. You must register three weeks prior to the scheduled date for the Subject Examinations. You may repeat any examination after six months.

Awarding of Credit

After you receive your score report from the College Entrance Examination Board, if you have scored at the 50th percentile, you must contact the Office of Evaluations, Cook Administration Building Room 128, to have the credit added to your official transcript.

If you have any questions regarding the CLEP examinations, please contact the Office of Examinations, Cook Administration Building, Room 200, or telephone (773)995-2481.