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Chicago State University

Welcome to the Examination Center!

The Examination Center serves as the central location on campus for the administration of placement and testing services. At our center, new and current students can take the Academic Proficiency Test as part of getting started with registration and complete graduation examination requirement. Please review the information within our pages to get familiar with our process, tap into reference tools, and view our hours of operation released on a monthly basis.

General Information

The Examination Center is located at Douglas Hall Room 119. To confirm the hours of operation visit here.  To learn more about our placement testing, visit our General Information page.  For questions, feel free to contact us via phone at 773.995.2513 or via email at examinations@csu.edu.  

Placement Testing

Incoming students are required to comply with a University wide requirement to demonstrate proficiency in the subject areas of English Composition, Reading, and Mathematics. The purpose is to allow students to demonstrate skill level in these subject areas and be placed in a course that best match the skill level. Test results are utilized for course placement and not for an admissions decision.

All freshmen students are required to take all three exams. Transfer students who have not completed an Associates of Arts or an Associates of Science degree must take the Writing and Reading test. If you are a transfer student, click here for more information.

Test results are immediately provided after completion and includes information on the course a student has placed into. If students wish to improve the test results, it is possible to re-take the exam for a minimal fee. Click here to learn more about our exam retake policy.

As the proficiency exam is a University wide requirement, it stands separate from college, department, program, or major test requirements. Students should consult with an Advisor for more information.