Contact Information

Name: Dr. Latrice Eggleston Williams
Title: Interim Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management
Location: ADM -129
Phone: 773-821-2158

Name:  Dr. Latrice Eggleston Williams
Title: Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Research
Location:  ADM - 129
Phone:  773-995-2548

Name:  Mr. James (Jim) Lucke
Title:  Acting Director Financial Aid
Location:  ADM - 207
Phone:  773-995-3546

Name:  Mrs. Shawnice Avilez 
Title:  Registrar Records and Registration
Location:  ADM - 128
Phone: 773-995-2342

Name:  Mr. Stephen Powenski
Title:   Interim Director of Admissions and Outreach
Location:  ADM - 126
Phone:  773-995-3526