Student Voice

At CSU, We Value What Our Students Say

We want to improve and you can help us. Our students' feedback is vital to our efforts towards continuous quality improvement of Student Affairs programs and services. As such, we have provided a variety of ways that your voice may be heard:
  1. In-Person: Complete a Student Affairs Student Concern Formin the Dean of Students Office located in the Cordell Reed Student Union, Room 268A
  2. Anonymous Suggestion: You may place your anonymous suggestion in our Comment Boxlocated just outside of the Dean of Students Office

Your Voice Has Been Heard

In Student Affairs, we not only value what our students say, we act on it.  Here are some examples of how your feedback has led to improvements across the division:

Spring 2012

  1. Your feedback helped us to re-design the Student Affairs web pages.  From updated photographs, to a calendar of events, social media, videos and more. The voice of the students has helped us to improve this valuable communication tool to improve student life at CSU.
  2. Student Affairs has developed a mechanism for student feedback through email, anonymous comment boxes, and student concern forms. 
  3. In our efforts to recruit and retain a diverse student body, the Latino Resource Center has been re-aligned to have positions strategically responsible for Outreach and Retention of Latino students.

Fall 2012

  1. As a result of your feedback, we have developed a comprehensive printed fall calendar of events for Student Affairs related programs and events.
  2. To facilitate leadership development, we offered the inaugural Leadership Retreat for all student clubs/organizations (August).
  3. We have offered programs aimed at the development of multi-cultural competency, inter/intrapersonal development, health/wellness and civic engagement (SGA members were trained to become certified Deputy Registrars so that they could conduct Voter Registration on campus for students and the community October 1-9; Diversity Game Show, August 29; weekly Zumba classes; Collegiate Leadership Development Program, AAMRC Mentoring program; Abilities Day and more).