Our Staff Directory

Shelia Collins, Dean of Student Affairs & First Year Experience Safiya Edwards, Director of Student Activities & Leadership 

Shelia Collins, 

Dean of Student Affairs & First Year Experience
Office: CRSU. Room 158
Phone: 773-995-4510
Email: deanofstudents@csu.edu

Safiya Edwards,

Director of Student Activities & Leadership
Office: CRSU. Room 263
Phone: 773-995-2300
Email: sedwar27@csu.edu

Shenay Bridges-Carter, Ph.D.

Director of the Counseling Center
Office: CRSU. Room 190
Phone: 773-995-2386
Email: sbridg21@csu.edu

Jasmika Cook, Executive Director of Project Counseling Tim Lee, Director, Housing & Residence Life

Jasmika Cook,

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Office: CRSU. Room 264
Phone: 773-995-3753
Email: jcook25@csu.edu

Aremu Mbande,

Assistant Director of the African American Male Resource Center

Office: CRSU, Room 264
Phone: 773-995-3876
Email: aremu.mbande@csu.edu

Tim Lee, 

Director of Housing & Residence Life

Phone: 773-995-2002
Office: Residence Hall Room 107
Phone: 773-995-2002
Email: tlee27@csu.edu

Marlyn Flores, Assistant DirectorMaToya S. MarshDr. Frank McKnight,  Director of Academic Support/ Academic Advising

Marlyn Flores,

Assistant Director Latino Resource Center
Office: CRSU. Room 230A
Phone: 773-995-3763
Email: mflores@csu.edu

MaToya S. Marsh,

Director of First Year Experience
Office: CRSU. Room 240
Phone: 773-995-2448
Email: fye@csu.edu

Frank McKnight, Ed.D.

Director of Academic Support/ Academic Advising 
Office: CRSU. Room 158
Phone: 773-995-2047
Email: fmcknigh@csu.edu


Last Update: 01-17-2018