“Improving the status of the African American male is a subset of bettering the conditions of the African American people”

-Carl Sharif, Public Affairs Strategist

Obtaining a thorough knowledge of available services, and the means to best utilize them is a constant challenge for new and continuing students. Our academic, service, and mentoring programs are designed to support African American males in their quest for a college degree.

AAMRC News Student Orientation

The purpose of the African American Male New Student Orientation seminar is to provide information and insights on the resources that currently exist at Chicago State University.  This process will aid specifically in retention and successful degree completion. The seminar is an opportunity to gain a head start on their undergraduate student experiences, as well as meet current students, staff, and faculty who will be assisting them with their transition into college. 

AAMRC TEMBO Leadership Academy

Open to all members of the Center, the AAMRC Leadership Academy provides student-informed groups professional development opportunities via roundtable discussions and speaker seminars.

“Tembo" Program - The Tembo Mentoring and Peer-Led Instruction Program is designed to complement the role that parents play in a student’s life by providing positive adult mentors. Students who are connected to and feel comfortable at an institution of higher learning are more likely to graduate from their. Contrarily, the TEMBO Mentoring Program fosters relationships that support the journey towards self-reliance and self-advocacy, leading a determined student to graduate. The positive connections that students make in college foster the creation of a safe and comfortable learning environment where academic exploration and experimentation are encouraged.

Students are matched one-on-one with a volunteer mentor who has been screened by the AAMRC staff. Peer Mentors are upper division and/or graduate students who have displayed characteristics that reflect academic expertise, trustworthiness, caring, and reliability. They are skilled in the areas of effective time management, facilitative communication, and good study habits. Mentors can also act as tutors in any subject area in which they have earned a grade of B or better. Sessions can be social outings, phone calls, tutoring, and support sessions.

Operation Graduation -a comprehensive learning time for Center participants to promotes academic excellence by helping students develop the habits that encourage achievement. Study Hall is not a “quiet time” but is energy charged with individuals and groups working together to improve their educational outcomes. Peer Mentors are available to respond to students' specific needs and to give students the opportunity to practice and to try new study techniques that will help them become independent learners. Peer Mentors usually have demonstrated mastery in their field of study and have undergone a selection process to ensure skills in understanding course materials, preparing for examinations and developing more effective ways to learn.

Father’s Day Program- Fellowship Brunch held the Saturday before Father’s Day calls upon Black men from all walks of life exercising self-determination, taking care of their families and being a positive force in the community to share their experiences at the microphone. The sessions are videotaped and highlights are streamed from the AAMRC website throughout the year.

Roundtable Discussions

Designed to provide professional development and experiential learning opportunities, students are challenged to explore various methods and tactics of effective leadership while offering opportunities for collaborative skill development. Topic areas may include training in improving grammar, etiquette, time management, and goal setting, among others.

Speaker Seminars 

These activities center on empowering African-American males to develop powerful and positive images. The Center hosts panels with extraordinary men from diverse professional backgrounds where students have the opportunity to be involved in intimate discussions and reflect on goals for their academic and professional careers.

Social Networking

AAMRC Movie Night - Once a month, the Center hosts Movie Night to show a movie or documentary which sheds light on various challenges of importance to Black males and/or communities of color. Following each film there is a constructive talk back session where the audience is able to share their insights and ideas with one another.

Staff Brown Bag Lunch

Bring your own lunch and drop in an unstructured forum to address the challenges, questions and solutions to issues impeding the academic success of Black males at CSU. Subject material is open

"Meet the Men" Luncheon

Held once each fall and spring semester, this program gives CSU students the opportunity to get to meet and greet other African American male students, staff and faculty in a relaxed, social and professionally-led forum.