A Call to Action to Save Black Men and Black Boys

Many times when I run e-blasts like today's, people call me and write to me complaining that they are angry with me for sharing this information.  They are not angry because the information is false, they are angry because the information is true.  Somehow, they think that if I do not share this information, it will make things better for Black men and Black boys.

I refuse to live under that assumption.

Some Black people tell me that other races of people will think badly of us if they see this information and might use it against Black people. That is not my worry. Other races of people know our plight better than we do. They see it, from a distance, everyday. My fear is that we, Black people, will not use this information to improve the plight of Black men and Black boys. 

I certainly do not give much credence to the statistics of government, thinktanks or universities, but I am not foolish enough to ignore their research and studies.

The Titanic was under the illusion that it could not sink. It sank.  Many Black people are under the illusion that we as a race of people will survive with no real effort from us.  I believe we are in danger of the same fate as the Titanic.

Today's email is a call to action.  Yes, another one.  Because of it, I hope that all men and women, but especially Black men and women, will become mentors, become tutors, become parent advocates, become educators, physically clean up our communities, start businesses, care for our elderly, take our youth to worship, and especially nurture and protect Black boys.

Please see the deepening plight of Black men and Black boys below that is becoming an international crisis and then get into action changing it.   

Phillip Jackson

The Black Star Project