Project F.A.M.E Upward Bound

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Please read the Upward Bound Information Flyer. Make certain you and your parent(s) / guardian understand the program requirements. Decide if you want to make a commitment to your self and your future. If you have any questions, call us.

  • Please READ the ENTIRE application BEFORE answering any questions.
  • Please use BLACK INK and PRINT all answers (except signatures).
  • Answer each question THOROUGHLY and CAREFULLY. DO YOUR BEST!
  • Make certain your parent / guardian signs the School Records Release on page 3 and that they complete and sign the Family Financial Statement on page 7.
  • The application contains three (3) Evaluation Forms; one each for your Counselor, Mathematics or Science Teacher, and English Teacher. There is also a General Recommendation Form which must be completed by an adult (not a relative) who knows you well. Be sure to give all four forms to the correct people and ask them to return the forms directly to the Upward Bound office at Chicago State University.
  • Please answer all four (4) essay questions on page 4. Please complete this section independently, we want to know what YOU have to say. (PLEASE PRINT)
  • Please complete the Student Self-Assessment of Skills and Survey of Interests on pages 5 and 6.
  • Please submit the completed application to the Upward Bound office. Do NOT wait for the Evaluations and Recommendation forms. The evaluation and recommendation forms should be mailed directly to our office.
  • When all of your forms, including the Evaluation and Recommendation forms, have been received by the Upward Bound office we will contact you to schedule an interview.