Shuttle Bus Schedule

In an effort to help ensure the safety and security of our CSU family members, the CSU Police Department offers shuttle services. The Police Department has two fourteen (14) passenger PACE buses and one six (6) passenger Pace van that are marked with Chicago State University name (black lettering) on both doors and also on the rear of the vehicles. All of the vehicles are light gray in color with a blue trim along the bottom.

The CSU Shuttle Service hours of operations are as follows; CSU Bus Shuttle (Operates from the Campus to the Redline)

Monday through Friday
7:00am until 1:00pm
4:00pm until 10:00pm

The Van Shuttle allows for the transportation between buildings for those persons with disabilities or persons needing special help.

We have added additional hours so that we can transport our student, faculty, and staff needing assistance internally throughout the campus.
CSU Van Shuttle (Operates internally on the campus)

Monday through Friday
9:00am until 3:00pm
5:00pm until 11:00pm

In the event that we cannot staff this vehicle, shuttle service will be restricted to the CSU Bus Shuttle hours only.

When calling for a transport, if you are informed that the vehicle is providing service to a person with disabilities, please understand that there may be a delay in service. 

CSU Shuttle Service Shedule

Monday – Friday
7:00am – 1:00pm

Redline Bus Turn-Around Residence Hall B-7 Parking Lot
7:05AM 7:20AM 7:24AM 7:28AM
7:35AM 7:50AM 7:54AM 7:58AM
8:05AM 8:20AM 8:24AM 8:28AM
8:35AM 8:50AM 8:54AM 8:58AM
9:05AM 9:20AM 9:24AM 9:28AM
9:35AM 9:50AM 9:54AM 9:58AM
10:05AM 10:20AM 10:24AM 10:28AM
10:35AM 10:50AM 10:54AM 10:58AM
11:05AM 11:20AM 11:24AM 11:28AM
11:35AM 11:50AM 11:54AM 11:58AM
12:05PM 12:20PM 12:24PM 12:28PM
12:35PM 12:50PM 12:54PM 12:58PM

4:00pm – 10:00pm

Bus Turn-Around Residence Hall B-7 Parking Lot Redline
4:05PM 4:09PM 4:13PM 4:20PM
4:35PM 4:39PM 4:43PM 4:50PM
5:05PM 5:09PM 5:13PM 5:20PM
5:35PM 5:39PM 5:43PM 5:50PM
6:05PM 6:09PM 6:13PM 6:20PM
6:35PM 6:39PM 6:43PM 6:50PM
7:05PM 7:09PM 7:13PM 7:20PM
7:35PM 7:39PM 7:43PM 7:50PM
8:05PM 8:09PM 8:13PM 8:20PM
8:35PM 8:39PM 8:43PM 8:50PM
9:05PM 9:09PM 9:13PM 9:20PM
9:35PM 9:39PM 9:43PM 9:50PM

Currently to request service please dial (773) 821-2784 on campus X-12784.

Campus pick-up and drop-off locations are:

  • CTA Bus turn-around on campus
  • Residence Hall (north side)
  • B-7 Parking Lot/near Cook Administration Building
  • CTA Red-Line pick-up and drop-off location 9417 S. State Street (CITGO Gas Station)

For your safety, when awaiting pick-up at the Red-Line, please remain on CTA property until the arrival of the CSU Shuttle.

Extended Shuttle service hours

When a second driver is available the shuttle will operate according to the below schedule.

Redline Bus Turn-Around Residence Hall B-7 Parking Lot
1:05PM 1:20PM 1:24PM 1:28PM
1:35PM 1:50PM 1:54PM 1:58PM
2:05PM 2:20PM 2:24PM 2:28PM


Bus Turn-Around Residence Hall B-7 Parking Lot Redline
10:05PM 10:09PM 10:13PM 10:20PM
10:35PM 10:39PM 10:43PM 10:50PM