Spring 2010 Student Health Insurance

CRSU 247 • 773-995-4533

The basic student health plan for accident and sickness is mandatory for students, undergraduate and graduate, who enroll with 12 hours or more. The fee applies to students with on-campus semester hours and students with a combination of off-campus and on-campus semester hours. Students (with 12 hours or more) are automatically billed and enrolled in the mandatory health plan. Students who have coverage have the option of waiving enrollment in the CSU plan before the February 5, 2010 deadline if they have equal or better coverage.

Students enrolled with 12 or more semester hours are automatically charged a fee for student health insurance on their tuition accounts through the Bursar’s office. There is an additional cost to insure dependents. The Spring 2010 health insurance cost per student is not available at the time of publication. Contact the Office of Student Health Insurance for more information at 773-995-4533.

Coverage Period
Students enrolled in the insurance plan for the Spring 2010 semester will receive coverage until the beginning of the Fall 2010 semester.

Part-time students now eligible for coverage
Part-time students (enrolled in 6-11 credit hours) will be allowed to enroll in the student health insurance plan on a voluntary enrollment basis. Part-time students must enroll before the February 5, 2010 deadline.

Cancellation Requirements
An insurance cancellation form must be submitted every semester a student enrolls in 12 credit hours or more. Students with equal or better insurance coverage may apply for cancellation of the mandatory fee before the February 5, 2010 deadline. A copy of insurance card showing your name or a letter of proof of coverage from the insurance company and a copy of your ID must accompany cancellation form. The forms are available during registration or may be obtained from the Office of Student Health Insurance (CRSU 247) before the Spring deadline.

NOTE: Don’t wait until you receive a bill with the insurance charge itemized, or you might miss the deadline to cancel. Cancellation requests are not accepted after February 5, 2010. Students insured under the plan will receive their ID cards by mail. Please make sure a current address is on file with the registrar’s office. Contact the student health insurance office for more information at 773-995-4533.


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