Fall 2012 Student Health Insurance

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Health Insurance is Mandatory.

Chicago State University provides a mandatory Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company. All full-time students (undergraduates enrolled in 12 hours or more, graduates enrolled in 9 hours or more, and doctoral students enrolled in 6 hours or more) are automatically charged for the plan. All international students are eligible for the plan and must be enrolled on a mandatory basis. The fee is applied to the accounts of students enrolled in all on-campus courses or a combination of off-campus (Extension/online) and on-campus courses.

Waiver/Enrollment Process and Deadline

Students must complete an online form to waive out of or enroll into the mandatory CSU insurance plan every fall and spring semester.

To Waive: Students who have health insurance coverage are able to cancel the mandatory health insurance plan by going online during the specified waiver/enrollment period and completing the waiver form provided there.

To Enroll: Students who do not have insurance or simply want to keep the mandatory health insurance plan must go online to complete and submit an enrollment form. Submitting an enrollment form will expedite activation of your enrollment should you need access to insurance coverage before the university submits its final list of students who are to be insured.

Period of Coverage:Students enrolled in the mandatory insurance plan for the Fall 2012 term will be covered from August 19, 2012 through January 4, 2013. You may obtain a copy of the 2012-2013 Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan brochure from the Office of Student Health Insurance or visit http://www.uhcsr.com/.

Students Who Take No Action: Any student who does not submit an online waiver by the announced deadline will be required to buy the university insurance plan. Waiver/enrollment periods and deadlines are published below as well as in the academic calendar each semester.

Waiver/Enrollment Period and Deadline:The waiver/enrollment period for the Fall 2012 term will open on June 18, 2012. The deadline for submitting a waiver or enrollment form will be 12:00 midnight on August 24, 2012.

Part-Time Students, Spouses and Dependents Eligible for Coverage
Part-time students enrolled in 6-11 credit hours may participate in the university provided plan on a voluntary basis. Part-time and full-time students who are insured in the plan may insure their eligible dependents and domestic partners on a voluntary basis. The enrollment period, deadline, and period of coverage are the same as those for CSU students.

Additional information is available on the Student Health Insurance web page at www.csu.edu listed alphabetically under the A-Z listings. You may also call the Office of Student Health Insurance at 773-995-4533 or visit us in the Cordell Reed Student Union, Room 268-O.

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