College of Health Science Curriculum Committee

Meeting Minutes

Committee Membership

The College of Health Science Curriculum Committee consists of two faculty from each department. Committee members are appointed to the College of Health Science Curriculum Committee by October 1st for a three year term with a rotating schedule to provide for continuity. No more than 50% of the membership will be replaced during any year. Unless otherwise specified, a chairperson and secretary for each committee will be elected from the membership at its first meeting.

The committee shall meet at least once per semester (Fall and Spring), or at the request of the Dean or a majority of the committee. A quorum shall consist of the majority of the members present. Chairperson/faculty may be asked to attend the curriculum meeting in which business from their department is being reviewed in order to answer committee questions or concerns.

The chairperson will submit a report of committee activities to the Dean’s office at the end of each semester (Fall and Spring). Copies of committee meeting minutes shall be distributed to the Dean’s office. Minutes of the meetings shall be taken and distributed to the members and distributed to appropriate constituencies.

Duties of the Committee

1.    The Curriculum Committee reviews and makes recommendations on all new programs, changes in course requirements for major sequences, and additions or deletions of courses.

2.    Routing forms will be forwarded to the Dean by the curriculum committee and once signed, returned to the chair of the program for distribution to the University Curriculum Coordinating Committee and/or Graduate Council for their actions.

3.    Records of all curriculum actions and documents will be stored in a specific identifiable location within the college, and in respective departmental offices for each specific issue completed.


Meetings will be held on a monthly basis as needed. The time and date will be determined by the committee to allow for a quorum. Meetings will be held on an emergency basis if requested by a committee member or the Dean of the College of Health Sciences.

College Curriculum Committee Members:

Elizabeth Wittbrodt, Chair (Occupational Therapy), Mary Anderson (Nursing), Debbie Bryant (Nursing), Karen Hardney (Health Studies), Yashika Watkins (Health Studies),