School Library Information Specialist Concentration

Completing the Master of Science in Library Science program with a School Library Information Specialist concentration will prepare you for a career in school librarianship. The competencies you develop in the program will enable you to develop and administer school library media services in a multicultural and technological society.

Admission requirements to the program vary depending on your background. If you do not already have a State of Illinois Initial or Standard Teacher certificate, you must apply for admission to the College of Education and complete the professional education and general education sequence necessary for initial teacher certification. Teachers already certified apply for regular graduate admission.

Once you have completed the MSLS program with a School Library Information Specialist concentration, you will qualify to apply for the State of Illinois Initial or Standard Library Information Specialist Certificate (K-12, Type 10). To receive certification and to complete the program, you must pass the State of Illinois Certification Tests in Basic Skills, Library Information Specialist, and Assessment of Professional Teaching (Special K-12).

The School Library Information Specialist concentration meets the standards of the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

Chicago State University has been granted pre-candidacy status by the Committee on Accreditation of the American Library Association. Pre-candidacy status is an indication that the Chicago State University department of Library, Information, and Media Studies has voluntarily committed to participate in the ALA accreditation process and is actively seeking accreditation.

Pre-candidacy does not indicate that the program is accredited by ALA nor does it guarantee eventual accreditation of the program by ALA.

Admission Information

  • Application to the program is through the Graduate School
  • You must fulfill the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School.
  • All degree requirements must be completed within six years.

Program Requirements Applicable to Teachers Who Are Already Certified

  • You are required to submit proof of a passing score report on the Illinois Certification test of Basic Skills taken any time since 1987.
  • Students seeking a Type 10 certificate must also complete LIMS 5005—Clinical Experiences in School Library Media Centers regardless of prior experience.

Requirements for Candidates Seeking Initial Certification

Candidates seeking initial certification must satisfy requirements in general and professional education as follows:

  • Three credit hours in each: composition II, speech, college level mathematics, biological science and physical science (at least one science course must include a laboratory)
  • Nine credit hours from at least two disciplines in the humanities: fine arts (art, music, theater) , foreign language, literature, and philosophy
  • Nine credit hours in the following social sciences: US history or American national government; child and adolescent psychology; and one course from history, geography, economics, political science, anthropology, psychology, or sociology.
  • One course incorporating multicultural or global perspectives
  • Professional education courses including: ELCF 1520, ELCF 2000, ELCF 4500, PSYC 2020, SED 5301 and SED 5303; READ 3700, LIMS 5004, and LIMS 5005.
Course Requirements
Foundations of the Information Professions LIMS 5340
Introduction to Reference Services LIMS 5360
Cataloging and Classification LIMS 5020
Research Methods LIMS 5310
Information Technology for Library and Information Agencies LIMS 5025
Management and Organization of Libraries LIMS 5280
Literature and Related Media for Children and Young Adults LIMS 5240
Administration of Media Centers LIMS 5300
The Curriculum and the Media Center LIMS 5140
Thesis Project LIMS 5035
Clinical Experiences in School Library Media Centers LIMS 5005
Two Electives are required. Talk to your Advisor.

For more information, contact:

Dr. John Agada, Director Department of Library, Information, and Media Studies
9501 South King Drive
Education Building, Room 208
Chicago, IL 60628-1598
Phone: 773.995.2598
Fax: 773.821.2441