Information Technology Certificate

Information Technology (IT) represents the actual driving force behind the current advances we enjoy in the area of internet and information technology. Networking specialists are highly needed to figure out how to keep all of the various data devices in today’s organizations connected to each other.

According to the World Wide Learn web site, the networking specialist major is ranked among the ten top jobs for the next decade and beyond.


  • Meet the University admission requirements
  • Pass five required courses
  • Pass one elective course
  • Register for the CCNA Exam
  • Obtain A+ Certificate
  • Obtain Network+ or CWSP
Required Courses
Course Term Format
IT 3220/5220 (Computer Systems Technologies) Spring Face-to-Face or Hybrid
IT 2233 (Network Configuration I) Fall Face-to-Face
IT 4333/5333 (Network Configuration II) Spring Face-to-Face
IT 4334/5334 (Network Practicum I) Summer I Face-to-Face or Hybrid
IT 4344/5344 (Network Practicum II) Summer II Face-to-Face, Hybrid, or Online
Elective Courses
Course Term Format
IT 2350/5350 (Wireless Networks Security and Design) Fall
T&ED 4445/5445 (Network Administration Technologies) Fall Face-to-Face or Hybrid

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