Center for Urban Research and Education

Mission and Goals

C.U.R.E is an interdisciplinary center that provides research expertise on urban schools and communities, effective teaching practices, teacher quality and accountability, school administration, financing, and higher education leadership. The mission of the Center for Urban Research in Education (C.U.R.E) is to conduct empirical research, evaluative research, and community-based participatory research on critical urban educational and administrative issues facing K-12 and postsecondary schools in urban poverty schools and communities. Integral to C.U.R.E's mission, is collaborative and interdisciplinary scholarship. COE researchers formulate urban research issues, develop methodologies, analyze data and information, and disseminate findings to various audiences. C.U.R.E's research projects focus on communities within the metropolitan area of Chicago and its suburbs.

C.U.R.E seeks collaborative partnerships with urban research centers, urban K-12 schools, and institutions of higher education. These partnerships help to build the capacity of C.U.R.E by sharing and disseminating knowledge, providing access to innovative research ideas and practices elsewhere, and creating ongoing linkages and networks that are valuable in C.U.R.E's future work. The dissemination of project findings with collaborative partners will build and sustain an awareness of C.U.R.E within the university, community, and outside organizations and institutions by disseminating project outcomes.

Goals of C.U.R.E are as follows:

  • C.U.R.E aims to encourage scholars to collaborate and engage in dialogue on critical trends and issues facing urban education, translate research into practice, and disseminate research findings in the Illinois region, Chicago, and nationally.
  • C.U.R.E aims to examine race, cultural, socioeconomic, and contextual factors that impact child development and schooling of urban youth in K-12 schools.
  • C.U.R.E aims to develop, implement and evaluate school-based preventive interventions that impact the school achievement and outcomes of urban youth.
  • C.U.R.E aims to engage in applied research and systemic educational reform in urban K-12 schools.
  • C.U.R.E aims to address critical issues of educational inequity as it pertains to closing the achievement gap, recruitment, and retention of culturally and linguistically diverse groups in post-secondary schools and institutions of higher education. Toward this end, C.U.R.E will examine and expand a repertoire of solutions to improve educational opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse youth and adults in higher education.
  • C.U.R.E will cultivate critical thinking, research skills, and innovative problem solving that is futuristic and solutions-based among scholars whose focus is on improving urban school systems and urban communities.