Student Testimonials

Student #1

Greetings Professor McNicholas, how are you? I pray all is well. Checking in with you because I watched a swimming competition today on channel five. It was so interesting to me because I knew every stroke they did. I was able to brag to my family and friends about the techniques the swimmers were using. I was so pumped. Those swimming were awesome. Thank you so much for your knowledge and wisdom. I will never forget what I learned. You Rock! Have a safe and happy holiday!

Student #2

I just wanted to inform you both that I got a call back today after my interview last week and I officially accepted the job of being the assistant manager of the #### center on ###and ####! It is a bowling alley and skating rink in one.I startThursday. When I came in for an interview the hiring manager informed me that I was the only applicant that brought a copy of my résumé and made eye contact with him the entire time. I start off training as part time and if they like me it could turn into a full time position. I just wanted to let you guys know that your training and preparation did not go in vain. I love you all and tell the remaining students that Lanesha said IT IS POSSIBLE!